New Year’s Resolutions for the Travel Enthusiast

on January 1, 2020

A new year and a new decade bring endless opportunities for travel enthusiasts. If you are planning on taking a trip during 2020, consider making some New Year’s travel resolutions to get the most out of your vacationHere are a few to help get you started: 

Recreate history: Some of the most powerful and moving vacation moments include visiting sites where the greatest stories in history unfolded.  Because of this, historical tours are growing in popularity the world over, and Barbados is no exception. Rich in history, this coral stone island joined an elite group of countries when the capital Bridgetown and its historic Garrison area was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.  

Taste an entirely new cuisine: The best way to learn about a country and its culture is through its food. So let the coming year be your most delicious yet! One way to do this, is to try the national dish of every country you visit. Barbados is a great place to start as it is a cultural melting pot with gastronomic influences from across the globe, producing dishes which are uniquely our own. 

Take a solo adventure: Solo vacations are becoming ever more popular, particularly among those who enjoy the freedom and solitude which they can bring. From exploring a metropolitan city to trekking through the wild outdoors, there is a sense of satisfaction associated with doing it on your own. Barbados offers solo travelers endless opportunities to go it alone – in the sea, on the beach or further inland. You are sure to find something which matches your idea of the perfect solo vacation. 

Learn something new, somewhere new: Rather than go on an ordinary excursion, why not try something a little more exhilarating? Like learning a new skill in a completely new locale. The waters around Barbados provide the perfect opportunity for persons to take up water sports. From kite surfing to deep sea diving, you will find it all on offer in Barbados – with lessons to boot!  

Visit a new-to-you exotic beach: What better way to unwind than on a gorgeous beach with the water lapping at your toes? There are many exotic beach locations across the globe but none can top the white sand beaches and turquoise waters found in Barbados. Barbados’ beaches consistently find themselves among the top-listed in the world – which makes this island in the sun the ideal location to check this resolution off your list! 

These New Year’s resolutions will surely take your travel experience to the next level; and Barbados is a great destination to achieve them all. When planning your trip to this tropical paradise, be sure to include Lickrish Food Tours. We’ll help you get through this list in a hurry, as our tours offer history, great food and the perfect excursion for any solo traveler! 

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