Independence Celebrations

on November 13, 2019



If you are visiting Barbados and searching for Things To Do In Barbados during the month of November, you will notice many public places, including government buildings, offices, shopping centres and restaurants adorned in the national colours of blue, gold and black. And if you traverse the island at night, you will find our parliament buildings as well as many business places and round-a-bouts alight.

This is because Barbados celebrates its independence on November 30th. While Independence Day is recognized at the end of the month, celebrations take place all month long – starting with the annual Lighting Ceremony on November 1st and culminating with the Independence Parade on November 30th. The latter is one of the most popular independence events and includes impressive displays from military and civilian personnel as well as officers from visiting navy vessels.

Top Things To Do In Barbados

There is also the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) which showcases local culture and talent in the areas of dance, music, theatre, photography and the visual arts which you can add in the list of Top Things To Do In Barbados. Events take place at various venues throughout the month and as part of the 2019 festival, visual arts pieces will be displayed in public places across the island, including: the Supreme Court, post offices and libraries. Pre-recorded theatre pieces will also be displayed on screens in the bus terminals and supermarkets.

Independence celebrations would not be complete without the Conkie – an ever-popular November treat which is beloved by the locals. This traditional delicacy is made from corn flour, pumpkin, coconut, sugar, spices and raisins and is cooked by steaming in banana leaves.

So, if you are looking for things to do in Barbados, and are going to be on island during the month of November, Lickrish Food Tours invites you to take part in our Independence Celebrations. You are sure to find something you will enjoy.

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