Barbados, the Bajan way!

on August 13, 2019


One of the best ways to explore a country is through its food, and Barbados is no exception. With its African, Creole and European influences, Barbados cuisine offers a wide range of gastronomic delicacies enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Traditional food items include cou-cou and flying fish – the island’s national dish; pudding and souse – pickled pork served with steamed sweet potatoes; and bakes – the perfect combination of flour, sugar and water – which are ironically fried and not baked as their name suggests.

Fish cakes are another popular food item. These salted cod fritters can be served as part of a great breakfast spread, as an appetizer before dinner or simply as a snack. In Barbados, fish cakes are also used to make a sandwich known locally as a ‘bread and two’ – which is two fritters served in a warm bun and topped with your favourite condiments.

And if it’s a sweet treat you’re after, you are sure to find something that you’ll enjoy – from delicious coconut bread to conkies and black cake, the options are endless.

Just like the food, there are many delicious local drink options, one of which is sorrel. This dark red, spiced floral drink is often associated with Christmas but is available year-round and should not be missed. If you prefer something alcoholic, be sure to try the local beer and, of course, the rum for which this small island is renowned.

So on your next trip to Barbados, be sure to try the local cuisine, especially the traditional food and drink items, they will be the highlight of your holiday. And for a truly authentic culinary experience, include Lickrish Food Tours on your itinerary – we take you to the best spots enjoyed by the locals ensuring that our lineup is Bajan-approved!

Fun Things To Do In Barbados

Barbados is famous for its sun, sea and sand, boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. But it has so much more to offer, with its rich history and culture. And one of the best ways to experience the island is to try some of the delights that locals enjoy. Here is the list of Fun Things To Do In Barbados:

  1. Have a delectable dinner at Oistins

The fish fry at Oistins Bay Gardens is a must-do, loved by locals and tourists alike. While it operates every night of the week, weekends are the most popular. The food is excellent, with vendors serving many types of grilled and fried fish as well as lobster and chicken with sides of your choice, including sweet potato, macaroni pie and coleslaw. The food is served up in an informal atmosphere as music fills the air.


  1. Visit one of our Farmers Markets

Barbados has a vibrant market scene, of which farmers markets are a relatively new addition. They offer an array of local produce and baked goods as well as locally made arts, crafts and jewelry. Popular markets include the Hastings, Holders House and Brighton Farmers Markets. The latter only operates on Saturday mornings and offers a mouthwatering breakfast fare in addition to the usual market items, making it a local favourite.


  1. Eat Pudding and Souse on a Saturday

Pudding and souse is a popular delicacy in Barbados, traditionally served on Saturdays. The pudding is made from steamed sweet potato and herbs and gets its dark colour from browning (colouring). The souse is pork which has been pickled in lime juice, with onions and cucumber. There are many popular pudding and souse spots across the island, from St. Lucy in the north to Christ Church in the south, so you are sure to be able to find one near to where you are staying.


  1. Enjoy a drink at a neighbourhood rumshop

Hundreds of rum shops can be found across the island and they are easily recognizable by their colourful exteriors which often include painted signage advertising various alcohol brands. These rustic, bare-bones establishments are where people gather to enjoy a drink, share gossip, talk about sports and politics and play dominoes. Alcohol is sold at rates well under those of most bars and rum is sold by the bottle or ‘flask’. In addition to cheap drinks, rumshops offer an authentic way to experience local culture and learn about the island’s people.


  1. Take a stroll on the Richard Haynes Board Walk

The Richard Haynes Boardwalk stretches 1.6 km and can be found on the south coast of Barbados, between Camelot and Accra beach. Perfect for a scenic jog or a romantic afternoon stroll, this picturesque location offers fantastic views of the ocean and a great vantage point to take in the sunset. There are also a handful of eateries along the Boardwalk where you can enjoy a meal as well as a number of small coves where you can have a swim or work on your tan.

So if you are looking for things to do in Barbados, and want to experience the island local-style, Lickrish Food Tours suggests trying any, or all, of the above. If you do, you are sure to have a great time!

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